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Consciousness-based Education

About Consciousness-Based Education

Central to the Maharishi Free School Trust curriculum is Consciousness-based Education (CbE).

‘Consciousness’ is the ability to know.

  • Consciousness-based Education aims to offer complete knowledge
  • Education is the science and art of unfolding values hidden from view
  • Not only are the mind and intellect satisfied but their basis, balance in each pupil’s life, is also developed.
  • The result of this approach is a life that has a profound basis in the development of fulfilment for every pupil.

This is what is responsible for expanding a student’s ability to learn, to understand and to fulfil their potential. It provides more than just knowledge – it provides pupils with tools that they will have for the rest of their lives.

To read more about Consciousness-based education, please see http://www.maharishischool.com/maharishi-school-philosophy

For more information about the Lancashire Maharishi School, it’s aims, objectives and curriculum, please see the  http://www.maharishischool.com/lancashire.html section of this website.