Homework – Primary phase

Why do we set homework?

We believe that homework in the primary phase is an important opportunity for our pupils to not only consolidate or extend their learning, but also to provide an opportunity for them to share their learning with their parents or carers.
We believe that consistently completing small amounts of homework at primary school age helps to develop a disciplined routine which will be of benefit to our pupils once they reach secondary school age and move into a more independent phase of their learning.
The type and amount of homework varies depending on the year group. Some examples of homework given are: reading, spellings and times tables. Your child’s class teacher will provide further details.

Homework – Secondary phase

Why do we set homework?

We believe that homework encourages independent learning - a skill that our pupils will need in further education and beyond. It can enable them to practise skills learned in the classroom and allow them to make use of materials and information sources not available in the classroom. It can also free teachers to concentrate on activities requiring their presence. Homework can involve parents and other adults in the children’s work and can improve pupils’ attitudes to learning, as well as their organisational and study skills.
Pupils are expected to devote time each week to homework. The amount of time for each subject increases as pupils progress from Years 7 - 11. A homework timetable is handed out at the start of the year which informs pupils on which day homework in each subject is set, and on which day this homework should be handed in. Secondary phase pupils are provided with a homework diary at the start of each new academic year. Please ensure that your child brings it to school every day to record the homework which is set, and that it is checked and signed by a parent or carer each week.
The homework that has been set may also be available to pupils via their Google classroom account. Maharishi School subscribes to the Google Education platform and allocates a Chromebook to every secondary-aged pupil, with the option to take it home for a small fee. Where a pupil is not handing in homework when it is due, or completing it to a satisfactory standard, you will be contacted by the school.

Homework Policy

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