Welcome to Sports

At Maharishi School we believe that a fit and healthy body supports a strong and healthy mind. As well as developing physical skills, PE teaches children to navigate complex social situations and nurtures their emotional development.

Due to limited facilities on the school site, secondary pupils travel to various venues each Friday afternoon, where they have the opportunity to practise sports taught by experts in their field. These activities also give all of the pupils an opportunity to interact with pupils in other year groups.

Pupils choose from a range of options, for example football, dance and acrobatics, Jiu jitsu, circuit training, cross country running and rounders. Year 11 sports prefects often help out at sessions with warming up or alternative activities.












In addition, we offer a very popular and successful Duke of Edinburgh programme including opportunities to earn both Bronze and Silver Awards. Pupils are required to fulfil a physical section and many pupils have gone on to enjoy new physical activities through doing this programme.

Each day begins and ends with the practice of sun salute; a series of yoga asanas that engage, stretch and invigorate the body.