Hello, my name is Amanda Laycock, and I am excited to be joining the Maharishi Free School team as the Reception Class teacher.  Reception is a wonderful time when children begin their journey learning to read and write.  We teach phonics using the Red Rose phonics scheme with short, fun lessons that introduce new sounds daily.  I hope to share a love of literature by reading, enacting, and recreating a host of children’s stories and a love of writing through Drawing Club. We explore numeracy, pattern, shape, and measure in practical ways through the learning environment and daily routines.  Fluency and automaticity are a key aspect of early number, and we will develop this by playing number games and using practical maths equipment.

Understanding the World is my favourite aspect of Reception, where we will investigate hands-on scientific ‘phenomena’ through water and messy play, baking, light and shadow and all things nature- making the most of our outdoor space and eco garden. We will also learn about changes over time, place and culture, community, and diversity.  

Underpinning these specific areas of learning are the prime areas of learning.  Our daily routines, built on the schools CbE ethos, will support Reception children to develop a lifelong love of learning and holistically meet the early learning goals by the end of the year.