My name is Elisabeth Greenall and I am the class teacher in Reception, working as a team with Sarah SIngleton and Jane Parrot, our fantastic teaching assistants. Reception is always a big change for children as they start their big school adventure and we work hard to make it a fun, exciting and confidence building experience for them all. Our class offers a warm and welcoming environment where children are encouraged to develop friendships, learn about sharing and making good choices, as well as learning lots of new things.

We are big fans of reading and feel that developing a love of reading in our children is really important for their future. With this in mind, we spend lots of time sharing books with the children, talking about the stories and characters and completing lots of different activities based on the books. Reception children spend lots of time outside learning whilst they play.

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals.

The Prime Areas of Learning

While in Reception we learn to play together kindly, listen carefully to others and share our ideas with confidence and follow instructions. We develop both our large and small physical movements, showing control and awareness of our surroundings. We also explore ways in which we can stay healthy and keep ourselves safe. We learn about making good choices and treating other people with care and respect.


In Reception we start our journey of learning to read and write within the themes we explore and using our developing phonic knowledge. The themes we explore include amongst others, the seasons, light and dark and This is Me. We use lots of stories to help us understand our themes such as ‘The Leaf Thief’, ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’.


We will be doing lots of counting and comparing quantities, looking closely at numbers, initially to 10 and developing our understanding of their composition, odds and evens, doubles and number bonds. We will also learn about and represent patterns.

Understanding the World

During their time in Reception the children will spend lots of time exploring and investigating the world around us. We will be comparing where we live with other areas. We will be looking at a variety of minibeasts and their life cycles, watching how they grow and develop. We will also learn about different people and cultures including festivals and celebrations.

Expressive Arts & Design

There will be lots of opportunities for the children to express their creativity over the year, including creating leaf sun catchers, season plates and scarecrow puppets.