CbIDS is the specialist subject of the Maharishi School. It is taught to all pupils in its own separate lessons and also used in a cross-curricular manner in every subject.

There is a structured programme of CbIDS which develops in sophistication as pupils move through the school, and a “tool-kit” which enables teachers to apply the elements in other subjects.

CbIDS uses a range of Integrating Themes (such as Growth, Order, Layers, Intelligence, Creativity or Wholeness) which are used first to teach the pupils about themselves – the “inner” application – and then applied to some topic of study  – the “outer” application. The teaching is designed to create meaningful links between the inner and outer values of knowledge and between different subjects relevant to the topic. The aim is to understand and apply the creativity and intelligence unfolded through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, to develop higher order learning and show pupils that real knowledge is deeply personal and useful on many levels.

By linking inner and outer values in the pursuit of knowledge, and by connecting different parts of knowledge together to create bigger and bigger units of wholeness of understanding, CbIDS works to develop wholeness of awareness and knowledge that is complete.

CbIDS expands the understanding of the school motto, “knowledge is structured in consciousness”.

Through CbIDS we aim to help our pupils grow into young adults who are: knowledgable about themselves, creative and intelligent learners, confident in their ability to find success and fulfilment in life, respectful of their world and able to respond compassionately and effectively to the needs of others.