Transcendental Meditation (TM)

TM is a simple, natural, easy yet profound form of meditation which can be practised by anyone from about age 10 and above. Children younger than that learn a junior form called “Word of Wisdom”. Both practices are taught by specialist Transcendental Meditation teachers associated with the school who are registered and certified by Maharishi Foundation, the administrative body for TM teaching.

Transcendental Meditation uses a “mantra” (or sound) together with a technique which allows the experience of the mantra to become more and more refined. In this way, one dives deeply into the mind, below the usual surface activity of thoughts, noise etc. Diving deeply like this, one comes to a point of silence, of Restful Alertness within one’s own self for a moment or two before emerging again to the level of everyday thoughts.  The experience is satisfying and refreshing and is repeated perhaps many times in each session. On emerging from the meditation session the mind is clearer, the body more rested and activity afterwards is often more enjoyable, effective and efficient.

TM is practised routinely twice a day for a few minutes each time, depending on age.

With regular practice, pupils become less worried, more content in themselves, more balanced and coordinated in mind and body, and better able to learn.

Scientific research has shown many benefits including: reduced stress, optimisation of brain functioning; enhanced creativity; improved intelligence; improved memory; increased ability to focus and yet simultaneously maintain a broad awareness; accelerated cognitive development; improved academic performance, increased self-actualisation, and enhanced moral reasoning ability.

For some of the benefits of TM see here :

A summary of the research can be found here:

Regular practice is important to gain the full benefits and to gain the full value of CbE. The inner values of self – energy, creativity, intelligence and happiness –  are unfolded and consolidated over time, and applied through CbE for more success at school. Parents are therefore encouraged to learn Transcendental Meditation along with their children and to support them in their practice at home, especially at weekends and in the school holidays.

Regular checking sessions with the TM teacher are available to ensure correct practice, especially in the early days. Although the practice is easy when done correctly, it is delicate. Any effort introduced will render the practice ineffective with little consequent benefit. A few minutes with the TM teacher in a checking session will restore the correct technique and refreshes the benefits.

Extra help and support from the TM Teachers can be provided at any time to ensure our pupils are getting the most out of their meditation practice.

Group Practice of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation works well for individuals but it has an even more powerful effect when practised together in groups. Everyone at school practises together twice a day. The settled yet alert and happy atmosphere that visitors often comment on at Maharishi School is a direct result of that group practice. Group practice of TM every day provides a wonderful basis for the cooperative learning that makes for a successful school.