The Maharishi School is currently the only school in the UK that uses the system of Consciousness-based Education.  


Consciousness-based Education, or “CbE” for short, is a system of education founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1974, and developed in schools and colleges around the world since then. CbE gives pupils direct practical knowledge of their own consciousness and unfolds their own creativity and intelligence as a basis for greater achievement. It has worked very well for our school for over 35 years.  

Our Success

Inspectors and other visitors have frequently praised the Maharishi School for its ethos, refined atmosphere and for the outstanding personal development and maturity of our pupils, all of which are enhanced by CbE (see quote on About Us page). Our experience shows that when CbE is being implemented fully in school our pupils not only do well in terms of personal development, but also achieve excellent external examination and test results. Inner development leads to outer success!