Hi, I’m Laura Gaskell, the Year 5 class teacher and assistant SENCO. During the Year 5 school year, we explore a range of interesting and engaging topics. As part of our English curriculum, we immerse ourselves in class novels such as ‘Street Child’ and ‘Who Let the Gods Out’. Studying high quality texts allows us to infer character’s feelings and actions and allows us to explore the author’s choice of language. This helps us to be better writers.


As part of our history topics, we will travel back in time to investigate the Ancient Greeks. We explore the Greek Empire and the lifestyle of this time in history. In geography we explore our Earth in space and different biomes. We also complete a study on South America and explore why it is a tourist destination.


Our classroom is bright, inviting and has a mezzanine that allows the children to read and work in a quiet environment. I would be delighted to meet you to answer any further questions about Year 5 and invite you to come and have a look at our wonderful classroom.