Our School Communications

Regular notices and letters will be emailed to parents. Please take the time to read these carefully and if a response is required, please send the reply promptly. It is much easier and cost-effective for us to do this by email, so please ensure that this is kept updated. It is also necessary sometimes to send text messages to parents, so please ensure we have your mobile phone number, and update us whenever your contact details change. Please note that school office staff will not take private, non-urgent messages from parents for their children. Also, they will not relay messages from pupils to parents, unless urgent. Please do not be offended when staff decline to take a message.

In the event of the school having to close (e.g. due to adverse weather conditions), we will try to contact you by email and text. In the event of the school phone system going down, such as during a power cut you will be notified by email and text.

For urgent communication only during this period please use the Out of Hours mobile number 07938 320857.

You may also be contacted occasionally by your child’s class teacher or secondary phase Form Tutor to update you or discuss your child’s progress and development.

If you wish to contact your child’s teacher or tutor, please email parents@maharishischool.com
Primary teachers may also use ClassDojo as an informal way to contact you directly. Your child’s teacher will be in contact regarding this.