Welcome to KS4 Art









Hi, my name is Elisabeth Cleary. I teach GCSE art in years 10 and 11 as well as art and DT in years 3 -5 at the primary phase. I also teach GCSE Photography as an extra-curricular subject.

I hugely enjoy my subject area and I consider myself very lucky to be able to teach at Maharishi School. Art education is naturally interwoven with the fundamental aspects of Consciousness-based Education, and therefore an essential and integral part of each child’s education.

It’s a joy and a privilege to support children and young people in exploring and developing their imagination, their independent thinking skills and their ability to express themselves.

Through art our pupils explore the world around them by interacting and experimenting with a wide range of materials. Art nurtures their natural curiosity and creativity, and it develops their awareness of beauty within the natural and human-made environment. Our pupils experience the work of a wide variety of artists, craftspeople and architects from different cultures and times, and gain an understanding of how art shapes human history and culture. They also gain a solid foundation of technical skills and knowledge in the areas of art, craft and design, as well as a range of transferable skills that support them in other areas of their learning and help them prepare for their future careers.